Product Delivery Policy-

Preparation time – 2-6 days from the time of ordering. There is no obligation on the delivery time.
The delivery of the products to the customer’s home through the delivery service will be in accordance with the terms of the shipping company and subject to their distribution areas.

Delivery and transportation to restricted areas. In areas where access is restricted from a security point of view as defined from time to time by the security system and / or law enforcement agencies, the site operator and / or suppliers will be allowed to deliver the products to customers at an acceptable nearby location, which will be coordinated with them in advance. It is clarified that in some localities, the delivery service is carried out to the branch closest to the customer’s place of residence.

Calculation of dates. Delivery times for the products / services include only the calculation of business days (Sundays to Thursdays, not including Fridays, Saturdays, holidays and public holidays) from the date of completion of the order as defined above.

Identity verification or request for additional details. The operator of the website and / or the suppliers and / or anyone on their behalf may demand, at any time, additional details or references (such as presentation of an identity card) regarding the user and / or credit card holder used for the order, including for the credit card holder to identify and / or sign Gabi voucher as a condition for delivery of the product.

Delay and delay in delivery. The operator of the site and / or anyone on its behalf are not liable to the customer for a delay not exceeding 7 business days from the date the customer gave notice of a delay in receiving the product or service. Notice of delay will be given to the site operator by the customer within a reasonable period of time, and in any case no later than 72 hours from the expiration of the delivery date set on the product page. If a customer does not inform the site operator about the delay in receiving the product within a reasonable period of time from the delivery date stated on the sales page of that product, the customer will be considered the person who received the product. The customer hereby waives any claim, claim and / or demand, of any kind and type, towards the site operator, in respect of the non-delivery of the same product

Order Confirmation-

Will be received by email after purchase on the website.

Shipment verification-
Will ship on the day of shipment along with a tracking number. Collecting the shipment from the mail is the sole responsibility of the customer.

For any problem and question you can contact us directly in the message through the website. There is always a common solution to the satisfaction of us all!

product warranty-

The products are ordered from a digital photo printing company and therefore no exchanges or returns will be allowed except for a defect in the product.


The order can be canceled within 24 hours if no delivery confirmation has been received, or before receiving a delivery confirmation.
The printing products will be printed as they appear on the website. A deviation of up to 20 percent in the color tone and up to 5 mm in dimensions between what is seen on the computer and the final product must be taken into account. This deviation is acceptable and will not be considered as a defective execution of the order and / or delivery of a defective product.
A customer may cancel an order only in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981 (hereinafter: “the Consumer Protection Law”) and regulations installed pursuant to it. Goods manufactured specifically for the consumer following the transaction such as image development products 14 C (d) of the Consumer Protection Law:

Cancellation fees-

According to the Consumer Protection Law, the site operator may charge a cancellation fee in case of cancellation not due to a defect or non-compliance at a rate of 5% of the price of the product you purchased or NIS 100, whichever is lower, if you choose to cancel the order Cancellation of an order will be made through a written request.

The products are lightweight to allow for seamless hanging and image transfer multiple times.
No refund will be received for dissatisfaction with the materials of the product.
Privacy Policy-

No use will be made of the personal details provided at the time of purchase, except for sending an invoice by email.
No information on the means of payment will be retained as the purchase is made through Meshulam, which meets strict standards of information security standards and procedures.

contact information –
Noa Burnett 0523379031
Business address – Beer Milka.